We are doing well inspektionen of existing wells, depending on the results of which we recommend workover, extension or substitution of the well. We are designing and supervising mineral water exploratory wells / production wells including geological sensing, authority and bidding procedures and observation / monitoring of neighbouring wells.

We are doing feasibility statements, geological and geophysical sensing including seismic surveyes, reprocessing, remote sensing, cost schedules, geological and technical well design, authority and bidding procedures and contract drilling companies to our clients. During drilling and testing we are the company man representing the client technically, financially and geologically and do result interpretation.

We design production devices and interpret production results, as we are aware of the fact, that reliable statements require representative data and long term trends can only be recognized early enough, if data are available.

The picture shows the stainless steel wellhead of an artesian mineral water well in Burgenland.


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