Thermal Water


Numerous thermal water wells exist in Austria and in the neighbouring countries, producing thermal ground water for spa and cure application. We have planned, supervised and monitored a number of these wells.

We represent our clients from the first feasibility statement, sensing campaigns (e.g. on site seismic survey, remote sensing, field mapping), generate success and cost calculation and represent our client in authority and bidding procedures. At the wellsite we are technically and financially supervising drilling of well, casing, cementing, completion, test and recovery. We interpret the geological and hydraulic results of the well and report them to the client and the permitting authorities and design production devices. We monitor the production well and interpret the data in order to recognize trends e.g. decrease of flow rate and / or mineralisation as early as possible and react if necessary.

The picture shows the rig that was drilling the thermal water well “Seewinkel Thermal 1” (1.087 m) by our supervision. The well has been producing thermal water of 43 °C wellhead temperatue since 2009 to be used by St. Martins Therme and Lodge close to the amazing national park Neusiedler See in Burgenland, Austria.

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