Well Inspection and Workover

6 Brunneninspektion

Inspecion of wells is usually sought for not before serious problems such as sand production, decrease of mineralisation or flow rate are obvious. Inspection requires first class technical understanding and excellent experience in hydrogeology, exploration and production.

Besides decades of experience we have developed a toolbox of numerous methods in order to monitor the state of a production well including well logging and optical subsurface tools. After determination of the well status we judge the cause and recommend tailor-made measures e.g. well stimulation, work over substitution of the well.

The picture shows a sketch of a mineral water production well, of which the water mineralisation was dramatically decreasing over time. By production logging we proved the production of young meteoric water (50 % of total flow rate) out of a layer right underneath the casing shoe. Beneath the bottom of that layer the mineralisation indicated by electric conductivity increased to the double value. The well is several decades of age and will be substituted by a new well with extended casing.


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