Boechzelt – Your partner in the fields of water exploration, geothermal energy and hydrogeology.

We are an independent consultant company representing our clients in the fields of water exploration (mineral-, thermal-, freshwater), geothermal and hydrothermal energy, we direct hydrogeological expertise, well inspection and workover. In environmental sciences we do monitoring and refurbishment of contaminated sites.




Our team

Foto: Sissy Furgler

Mag. Bernd Böchzelt

Managing director

Bernd Boechzelt (Mag. rer. nat.) is founder of the company and expert of thermal and mineral water exploration, workover, authority permitting procedures, drilling supervision, hydrogeology and environmental geology. Bernd is lecturer at universities in Austria and abroad and has been directing research programs in geothermal issues.

Tel.: +43-699-12659003






Nikolaus Petschacher MSc.


Nikolaus Petschacher MSc. is graduated hydrogeologist and since 2013 has been running projects in water exploration, modelling and simulation and research. When he’s off, Niki is working on his PhD thesis dealing with research of restrictions in thermal water reinjection into sandstone aquifers.

Tel.: +43-676-3871458





Sascha Speil MSc.

Sascha Speil MSc. is hydrogeologist und has been active in our team since summer 2018. His focus is hydrochemistry, hydrogeology and near surface geothermal engineering.

Tel.: +43-3112-21505




Our office is situated in Ludersdorf, Eastern Styria near the city of Graz right at highway A2 exit Gleisdorf West. We are offering our clients an easy accessible site perfectly connected to public and individual transportation, free parking space and probably the best espresso along A2 (only because highway A2 ends before the Italian border).

Mag. Bernd Böchzelt, Technisches Büro für Hydrogeologie und Geothermie
Ludersdorf 69
A 8200 Ludersdorf – Wilfersdorf





We offer all necessary bidding procedures and permitting procedures according to law, site supervision of the wells and auditing of accounts.

Furthermore we are involved in research programs and the managing director Bernd Boechzelt is lecturer at Universities.


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