We are designing and directing freshwater wells for public and private water supply including water board authority procedures. Furthermore we are doing well monitoring and inspection based on which we recommend workover, extension or substitute wells.


Mineral Water

We are doing well inspektionen of existing wells, depending on the results of which we recommend workover, extension or substitution of the well. We are designing and supervising mineral water exploratory wells / production wells including geological sensing, authority and bidding procedures and observation / monitoring of neighbouring wells.


Thermal Water

Numerous thermal water wells exist in Austria and in the neighbouring countries, producing thermal ground water for spa and cure application. We have planned, supervised and monitored a number of these wells.


Deep Geothermal Energy

We are consulted by our clients for technical design and geological supervising of hydrothermal drilling projects. From the feasibility statement via sensing (interpretation of geological data, seismic surveys, reprocessing, remote sensing etc.) to cost estimates, bidding and permitting procedures we represent the client and direct vertical or deviated wells in order to create geothermal doublets to produce and reinject water and in between extract renewable energy for district heating or power generation.


Well Inspection and Workover

Inspecion of wells is usually sought for not before serious problems such as sand production, decrease of mineralisation or flow rate are obvious. Inspection requires first class technical understanding and excellent experience in hydrogeology, exploration and production.


Near Surface Geothermal Energy

Depending on Geology, room available, energy demand and legal circumstances, Near Surface Geothermal Energy can be extracted from different heat sources (ground water, soil, rock). The heat sources are explored by a ground loop field or a production well to produce water, which is returned to the aquifer after heat extraction. Extracted heat is pumped to a higher temperature level by a heat pump demanding only a fraction of the output energy at low temperature systems.


Hydraulic Tests

We are doing design and data management of hydraulic tests, monitoring of neighbouring wells, preservation of evidence and hydraulic – hydrogeologic interpretation of production and recovery, If necessary we organize sampling and approval procedures according to Mineral water law and freshwater decree.


Contaminated Sites Management

During the past decades handling of resources and hazardous waste produced numerous contaminated sites, some of which can be hazardous to the environment e.g. by contamination of soil and/or groundwater.


Hydrogeological Expertise and Modelling

With hydrogeological expertise we are in service of determination of the hydrogeological settings, e.g. influence between wells, environmental or water quality influence of designed measures such as water power plant projects, thermal use of groundwater etc.


Research and Development

From 2013 in cooperation with two universities and two companies we were directing a R&D Programme granted by the Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government. The hydrothermal energy project named REINJEKTION is dedicated to defining and analysing the determinants governing resp. limiting reinjection of thermal water after heat extraction into sandstone aquifers.



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