Deep Geothermal Energy


We are consulted by our clients for technical design and geological supervising of hydrothermal drilling projects. From the feasibility statement via sensing (interpretation of geological data, seismic surveys, reprocessing, remote sensing etc.) to cost estimates, bidding and permitting procedures we represent the client and direct vertical or deviated wells in order to create geothermal doublets to produce and reinject water and in between extract renewable energy for district heating or power generation.

On site we are supervising drilling, casing, well logging, cementing and production tests, we interpret the results and organize the production permits.

The picture shows the ITAG landrig “Rig 23”, which under supervision of our partner consultant ERDWERK GmbH and our contribution was drilling several geothermal wells of depths to 5.000 m (approximately 15.000 ft) in the Munich area for heat and power generation.


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